Flat rate US, Canada shipping only $19.99 USD

Flat rate shipping EU, Singapore, Malaysia. Live arrival guaranteed!


Do you combine shipping (US)?

Yes, we do. $19.99 flat rate for all your fish in the same order/shipment.

Do you ship to Florida?

Yes, we ship to all US addresses.

Do you ship to Brazil?


Is the fish is the US? Where to view in Singapore?

No. The fish are in Thailand and to be ship anywhere in the world to a partner importer in each country. He/she will then ship to your home using express shipping available in the country or pick up in case of Singapore.

How long is the shipping?

Less than 18 hours, we use FedEx overnight for shipping. The order is picked up 4pm today and delivered by 10:30 am the next morning.

It's cold in Chicago, will the fish die during shipping?

No, it never happened before. We use extra protection for shipping with heat bag and styrofoam box, and the fish bag is full of pure Oxygen. Live arrival is guaranteed!

How do I keep the fish color pretty like you?

​The best food for color is shrimp, other than that you can use blood worm and XO Ever Red pellets. Best food but relatively expensive is Baankhunduk farm pellets - FOOD21. Remember to change water 30% once a week and keep water temperature at 86F (30C).

Will the flowerhorn kok get bigger?

It depends. The most important factor is the gene of the flowerhorn, no matter what you do the kok only grow bigger if the gene is there. We fish breeders recommend you to get a flowerhorn with a visible kok already if you are looking for a big kok. Not all fish are created equal.

Will the fish be the same as the one I select on the website?

Yes, that's the exact fish you will get.​​

United States: express overnight shipping to your address with flat rate shipping of $19.99 for all the fish. The shipping service includes online tracking. Delivery is on Wednesday by 10:30 am, please contact carrier if your package is 1+ hour late.

​EU countries:pick up from importer in Germany to your shipping address. No need for paper or document of any kind. 

Singapore: FREE shipping to Blue Crystal (Singapore importer/transhipper). $20-40 SGD due to transhipper per fish for import service. NO documents required.. Pick up location Blue Crystal Aquarium 22 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Singapore (Delivery is also available for a fee).

Other countries with available shipping: CANADA, MEXICO, UK, CHINA, HONG KONG, TAIWAN, JAPAN, KOREA, MALAYSIA, INDIA, PHILIPPINES, CAMBODIA, VIETNAM, BRAZIL. Contact support@thaifh.com for any more question.

Live arrival guaranteed*


*Live arrival guarantee only apply to shipment with a successful first delivery attempt. We are not responsible for any dead fish after a failed delivery attempt or unable to deliver due to bad weather such as flood, hurricane, blizzard (make sure you call the shipping company if the package is more than 2 hours late AND have someone available to receive the fish or presign).

Dead on arrival (DOA), must be contact within 2 hour of delivery. Proof of DOA: picture of the DEAD fish in sealed unopened bag and picture of the dead fish with the tail cut off.

We will send you a replacement fish once DOA is confirmed (buyer pays for replacement shipping fees)

*Please watch the short video below on how to put new fish in your tank. We do take every precautions to make sure that your fish travel safely, arrive live and well. Buyers are fully responsible for the fish condition after putting the fish in your tank.

*We reserve the right to cancel any transaction.

*All orders are final - no cancellation, exchange, return nor refund. In the event the fish/sample has been sold. Buyer must pick a replacement and reply to our email with the fish of your choice within 3 business days. Otherwise your order will be void without refund.

*Important: due to immense stress during shipping, the color of newly arrived fish will be very pale/dark, and the kok size will reduce. The fish color will improve in 2-3 days and will fully recover in 5-7 weeks. Please keep your tank temperature at 86F (30C) and feed the new fish with ONLY blood worm for the first 1-2 weeks if available. Please read our guides below.

Upon ordering you agree to all terms and condition above.

*Important: getting your new flowerhorn.

  • Prepare your tank: make sure you have the tank ready a week before getting your new fish. Make sure the water is chlorine free and in good condition without harmful parasite/bacteria, infected tank with sick fish before must be treated with KILL medication to remove all harmful parasite. Set up the tank with water filter and oxygen pump only, NO rock, sand or decorations of any type. DO NOT have any other fish in the tank for 3-5 weeks (isolation from other fish).
  • When you receive the fish, do not open the fish bag yet. Check to see if the fish is alive or not. If the fish is DEAD, make sure you send us the pictures of the fish in the sealed unopened bag within 2 hour of delivery.
  • If the fish is still alive and breathing OK (with no sign of the bag is broken), place the unopened fish bag into the tank for 20-30 minutes for the fish to adjust to the temperature of the tank. 
  • After 20 minutes, open the fish bag and slowly introduce the tank water into the fish bag for the fish to get used to the new water (do this for about 1-2 minutes only, make sure he has enough Oxygen while you are doing this).
  • Keep the water temperature at 85F (30C), filter and Oxygen pump running with maximum Oxygen level.
  • If the fish recovers well, you can feed him with frozen blood worm after 12 hours or the next day. DO NOT OVERFEED.
  • ​Feed him with frozen blood worm 2 times a day (40% of what he can eat each time) for the first 1-2 weeks if available
  • DON'T CHANGE WATER for the first 1-2 weeks.

For any further question or request, please contact us at support@thaifh.com

Thank you for your support

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Shipping information

*Important: How to introduce new fish to a fish tank preventing temperature shock

watch from min 1:30​

Keeping your new flowerhorn.

  • After the fish gets back to normal (can be 3-7 weeks), you can turn off the oxygen pump and leave the filter running only. This helps him not to get used to high Oxygen level in the water otherwise it would be bad if the power is out or you have to transport him in a fish bag.
  • You can feed him with dry flowerhorn food pellets, frozen blood worm or other live food  (make sure they are treated with KILL med to remove harmful parasites).
  • Do have flowerhorn medications available and use them right away at the first sign of sickness. Recommended products are Clear and Bacta. You can check out what to use when the flowerhorn gets sick here
  • Keep water at the best quality level. Remove excess food after 5 minutes and change water 30% EVERY WEEK.
  • For more flowerhorn care and breeding guides here. Please feel free to send us any questions at support@thaifh.com

*Tips for flowerhorn kok pushing

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